CLub Member Iain Mcintyre is climbing Everest this November to raise funds for the club Gym! hear what Ian has to say about this adventure below:

To overcome the lock down induced flatness most of us are feeling and given that we are in Level 3 in Auckland until some announcement on the 29th of November I have decided to put a hill in to overcome this flatness. That hill is the Everest challenge which is to climb 8848m in November which will give me something to focus on other than all of the things and places we can’t do or go to. I will start 1 November and complete by 30 November I will do this by walking up and down Mt Victoria/Takarunga in Devonport over the month. It is not a goal or a target it is a deadline.

I have a few other people doing it with me so should be a bit of fun. Starting 0530 tomorrow from the bottom of May Street – will be good to get a few sunrises in over November.

To quote Sir Ed – “It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves” – here goes, will keep you posted on progress.

Read on if you are associated or interested in North Shore Rugby if you aren’t stop here..

Usually I get down to the North Shore Rugby Club Gym to stay fit but with all this lockdown business its shut and I needed to set a new challenge for myself so the Everest it is. 

The Gym has also missed its fundraiser which was scheduled for November so for my North Shore Rugby friends I am using this as a fundraiser for new gym gear including a leg press, weights and other gear. If you want to contribute get in touch with my campaign manager Brett Garea ( and his assistant Stu McKay or you can donate direct to the account number below:

03 1514 0098660 00

The gym also gets used by TGS sports teams so will help them out as well. Cheers to those who have donated already.